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Best amp sim for 50$?

Big Pimpin' T

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I already have a nice setup (some half-decent pedals into a Mesa Nomad) and I'm not looking at investing a lot of money into a new MFX unit. I just need something passable so I can practice quietly. Maybe record some scratch tracks before micing up the amp.


I don't need an expression pedal, and not really any more than 4 memory spots.


I remember the Zoom 505 being a total piece of {censored}. How does the newer G1 compare?


Or the Digitech RP50?


Maybe the Line6 Toneport.... and I don't think used Sansamp stuff goes this low.


So confused.... I've never played around with any of these, and I want to know what to stay away from, because I'll probably be buying this off of eBay without trying it.


Any suggestions?

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