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Monte Allums op amp adapter mod


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Well as I stated a couple weeks ago that I installed some of those new op amp adapters. Well depending on where the op amp is located on the PCB, those op amp adapters will prevent you from putting your pedal back together because the top of the adapter board sits quite high off the pedal PCB. On my DS-1 and MT-2 either the input and output jacks will be in the way once the op amp adapter has been installed. So what you can do is take a 16 PIN op amp socket and cut it in half with a dremel equiped with a cut off wheel. That op amp socket will set that op amp adapter up off the board enough to allow you to bend the pins to lay it flat so that its no longer in the way of the input and output jacks.


I bought 25 pieces of 16 pin op amp sockets for $18. Cut them in half like I said and you have 50 - 8 pin inline sockets that will work great with Monte Allums op amp adapters.


You're welcome.

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