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Ethos sound clip

Mats Nermark

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I've been a fan of the "*umble" sound for a very long time. I have also been a fan of Larry Carlton even longer. Now when I got my Ethos pedal I wanted to try a playing technique I saw Larry Carlton use at a gig back in the 90's. He used his volume pedal to control the gain and dynamics in his sound and it was so expressive. I've always wanted to try this but all my amps and pedals so far has let me down. Not so with the Ethos. In this tune all variations in sound and gain was made through picking dynamics and riding the volume pedal except for the last part when I hit the boost button. I don't claim to sound or play like Master Carlton but I sure enjoyed recording this tune.


For those interested in recording this was an Edwards SA-188 (335 clone) into the Ethos and using the recording output directly into my tc Konnekt 24D sound card. No amp, no speaker. While this sound may not appeal to everyone, I really like it.

The tune is called "Worth the Wait" for obvious reasons.







Mats N

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