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Who new a Muff would be muffled? What other fuzz cuts it?

Neon Soul

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So after a long time of trying to find my sound I have come to the conclusion that I am just Not a Muff guy (atleast the Ny Muff)


When I need to get a bit heavier or go for a nasty fuzzy lead I usually kick the Muff on but am never satisfied with the sound.


Alone it's fine but to cut through in a band mix it just gets lost.


I use a Strat into a Mashall combo and use an MXR Dist + for drive before the Muff. I either kick in the Muff with the Dist + on or use it on it's own and it never cuts it.


Thus leading to my question, what Fuzz will cut through and get heavier without getting lost in the mix? Either with the dist + on or not I would like it to cut through.


I've been looking at A FF but they are expensive and a bit crazy.


Anything else? I've been asking for a while now about how to improve my sound whether it be amp or distortion but I've come to the conclusion it's my Muff.

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