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buckethead's setup??


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* Gibson

o Gibson Les Paul - 1959 heavily modified, with all white hardware and covered DiMarzio pickups

o Gibson Les Paul - 1969 heavily modified, all white hardware, killswitch, and uncovered DiMarzio pickups

o Gibson SG

o Gibson SST

o Gibson Chet Atkins


* Jackson

o Jackson Y2KV - "coopwood" custom made, with larger body and headstock due to Buckethead saying normal guitars looked like toys in his hands

o Jackson Y2KV - "KFC" same as the "coopwood", only with the KFC red stripes, Di Marzio X2N PUs, kill switch and an Original Floyd Rose (that he never uses)

o Jackson doubleneck - a custom doubleneck half guitar, half bass



o ESP MII custom - used throughout his concert in the Wetlands, broken as seen in one of the Binge Clips


* Steinberger

o Steinberger GS "Kaiser's Gift"


* Ibanez

o Ibanez X Series Rocket Roller II - used throughout the Praxis era

o Ibanez(Purple) RG550 - As seen in the Buckethead Dvd Secret Recipe


* Takamine

o Takamine Acoustic




* Peavey Renown

* Peavey 5150 head on a Marshall 1960 Slant 4x12 cab

* Diezel Herbert

* Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier

* VHT Pittbull 50 watt heads

* Matt Wells 17 1/2 watt head wired through a Harry Kolbe 4x12 cab




* Digitech Whammy II (and IV)

* Dunlop Cry Baby 535q

* BOSS TU-2 Chromatic Tuner

* BOSS NS-2 Noise Suppressor

* BOSS RC-20 Loop Station

* BOSS OS-2 Overdrive/Distortion

* Roger Mayer Octavia

* DOD Electronics FX-25B envelope filter

* Alesis MidiVerb II

* Roland SE-50 multi-effector

* Zoom multi-effects

* a custom bicompROSSor by AnalogMan

* MXR EVH phase 90

* Line 6 FM4 Filter Modeler

* Electro-Harmonix Micro Synthesizer

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