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VX 400 Vocal Processor by Digitech


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Hello your forum rocks. Need help just scored this pedal at the good will brand new for 40$. It didnt com with a manual. So can someone give me some tips on how to use it. How do I use the Pedal. I engage it and it just scrolls threw the menu. Can I use it as a wah? I tried to download the manual but it didnt work on my OSX system. So excuse the annoying questions. All input would help. thank you. Keep on rocking in the free world!

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I got one with the manual. The select button on the left will scroll through the effects from mic modeling --> expression. And the knobs will edit the parameters on them.

Don't know much about wah but here's something from the manual...

The expression pedal can be assigned to control the Vx400's Whammy, or just about any other parameter in real time with your foot. When a parameter has been assigned to the expression pedal, a programmable minimum and maximum value can also be assigned. The procedure for assigning a parameter to the expression pedal is as follows:

1) Select the user or factory preset
2) Press the 'select' button until the light in the expression row of the matrix's LED flashes.
3) Rotate the Number 1 knob to select the expression pedal 1, 2, or 3.

Note: You can assign 3 parameters to the expression pedal per preset.

4) Rotate the # 2 knob to select the parameter the pedal will control.
5) Rotate the # 3 knob to adjust the minimum value the pedal (toe up) reaches.
6) Rotate the # 4 knob to adjust the maximum value.
7) Press the Store button to store the changes.

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