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Overdrivable equalizer


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Alright, I'm waaay into noise, you guys, so the sounds I percieve as musical may be harsh, or even distasteful to the average human's ears.


So, anyway, I've been mussing about with my mp3 collection recently, screwing with tempos, mixing, that sort of thing, and I discovered this beautiful new noise that I can really truly describe as desirable to me.


Okay. Open up windows media player, alright? Play a song or something, you know, something recognizable that you dig. Now, open up the little equalizer at the bottom of the screen, kay? Now, drag all the little sliders all the way to the top. See how it sounds distorted and rubbish? I want you guys to tell me an equalizer that can give me that same sort of hard clipping. that would be pretty much bitchin. Have an awesome whatever.

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