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My new pedals

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I just got an EHX 16 second delay reissue off craigslist and a damage control timeline through the mail. To keep it brief:

The 16 second is really awesome. It sounds extremely pristine, but can be made to overdrive with the input turned up...there are tons of options and the looping could not be any simpler. I midi sync my computer to it for beat purposes, and the combination makes loop creation a breeze. All the pitch, time, reverse etc. options make this pedal super versatile and a total keeper.

The timeline on the otherhand was kind of a let-down. Physically it is really nice; the casing is extra solid and all the visual feedback is great. It has a lot of cool option like multitap, pingpong and reverse...I originally got this for its looper because I needed the midi capabilities, but the EHX runs circles around it in terms of features for looping and can also do delay. Despite the awesome sound quality of the timeline I am going to return it. It has some really cool features, but for $400 I don't feel it is worth keeping.

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