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Paradox TZF question... speed input.


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Can I send "standard" CV from a Moog CP-251 to control the inputs on the Paradox? (or is it expression pedal only)


Can I use this to control it??!! (crosses fingers)




I don't want to start plugging things in and hope for the best.


I'm also shooting Dave an email.



Anyone here try anything like that with their Paradox?


I am thinking if it were possible, it would be advertised as such. It would be REALLY cool if the Paradox had the LFO out. Then I could send it to the LAG processor on the CP and make it even smoother. (then invert it and use it to modulate the frequency on the FreqBox)


To dream. :bor:

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If I could use the CV from the Voyager's keyboard to control the MANUAL amount on the Paradox, I would be in a slice of heaven.

The LFO speed on both the Moog RM and Phase can be modulated. (external) The phase can go SLOW, and with a little S+H modulation, it sounds really cool. I want to use that LFO to control the Paradox.

I have been messing around alot with using the Modulation BUSSES on my Voyager to mess with my pedals. You can set it up so that Oscillator 3 is the source, and then do a bunch of crazy things to modulate Osc.3's frequency and waveform. (including using Osc. 1 and 2... which can be modulated as well) The FreqBox 107's really opened up some neat ideas for me.

Maybe Dave will chime in, so I can begin to think. :idea:

The LFO on the Paradox is so smooth, I wish there were an output. I'd use it to pan my Voyager.

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