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Old Jen Wah problem. Help!

Neon Soul

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I recently purchased an old Jen Cry Baby Super from Fle-Bay and received i today.


I decided to A/B it with my Dunlop GCB-95 to laugh at how crappy the dunlop was only to find that the Jen was Foocked.


When using it there is a dramatic drop in both volume and gain (if using distortion) and ther is little to no sweep and it hardly changes the sound at all. And thats before the dirt pedals so I don't know why there is a volume/gain drop.


I opened it up to look for loose wires and when I moved the battery clip there was a god awful buzz. The larger side of the clip(the side you push the bit into) buzzes ridiculously when touched.


Anyone know whats wrong? Can I fix it or should I hunt the bastard down and knife him?



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