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Clay Jones OD


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I had one of these - purchased it new from Clay for $220. It was definitely one of the best sounding overdrive pedals I've ever played. I had planned on holding onto mine for good. That said, and considering the vast number of great sounding overdrive pedals being made today, once folks started paying close to $1,000 for a used CJOD I changed my mind. That's a lot of money to have tied up in a pedal. I put mine up on Ebay for $1,200 (I wasn't willing to part with it for any less - I REALLY dug the CJOD) and it sold in less than an hour. The guy who bought is a player and a collector. He's still very satisfied with the transaction and the pedal. $220 is about the highest I've ever paid for a pedal. I can't imagine paying $1,200 for a pedal but then I'm not a collector. If it's not getting used around here it gets sold. I was using the CJOD when I decided to put it up for sale but then I'm using its replacement (a modified OCD) just as much so nothing lost.

I wonder if Pappy's will get their asking price.

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