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Anyone who has a Barber Trifecta care to review it?


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I owned one, so I can chime in here.


Beautifully rich Triangle muff sounds. Very smooth and warm sounding ( in other words, easy on the ears). The tone knob has a mid push/pull which is very useful and helps you squeeze out a lot of sounds. The Sludge control is also effective in thickening up single coils.


My only issue was that the 3 modes sounded the same to me. I tried 3 different guitars in two tube amps, a 5watt and a 60watt with the same result. Barber will tell you that he put in a "smoothing resistor" which accounts for this to an extent. I believe you can clip it out to make the difference in the 3 modes more pronounced (unverifed by me, but check around...)


The "unified" sound from the pedal alone is practically worth the asking price, especially because Barber is an upstanding guy and his craftmanship is top notch.

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