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My new punk band needs a name. Give me your best that you won't be using.


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Not bad, but it's already been taken on myspace. Maybe Stalinriot? :poke:



myspace.com/stalinband isn't.


I think limiting yourself to what's available as a myspace account is kinda crazy... I also think riot is the most overused clich

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Looking around my room, this is my list of creative names:

Lightbulb, Desk, Laptop, Remote, Speaker, Amplifier, Guitar, Pedals, Magazine, Outlet, Bookcase, Book, Window, Sheets, Blanket, Pillow, Slippers, Rug, Bag, Frame, Canvas, Paint, Amethyst, Scissors, Pen, Pencil, Wallet, Ruler, Tape, Glue, Notebook, Notecard, Popcorn, Coat, Jacket, Television, Telephone, Clock, Cup, Album, Game, Console, Stereo, Components (Capacitors, Resistors, Potentiometers, etc), Homework, Stapler, Pictures, Record, Tissues, Hamper, Box, Keys, Capo, Toolbox, Trash, Lamp, Soap, Cologne, VCR, Narwhal, Socks, Shoes, Chair, Me.

Catchy words: Robot, Science, Fiction, Alien, Spaceship, Mars, Compass, Chimichanga, Persistence, Of, Memory.

doggod/goddog, Dyslexic, Agnostic, Insomniac, Sat, up, wondering, all, night, if, there, really, was, a

I would personally go with Telescope or Antimatter if I had a band name consisting of only one word.

:lol::lol:its that easy. i especially like soap

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