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I think there's something wrong with my Ibanez FZ7...


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Went to play around with it a bit a few minutes ago, and everything I played sounded extremely out of tune. :freak: My guitar is tuned properly, and sounds fine with all my other pedals, but as soon as I click on the FZ7, it sounds out of tune and almost ring-modish.


I had it set to 100% speaker damage, but it's doing the same thing no matter what it's set to. On 0% damage it gets better, but it's still there.


What would cause this? I'm using a OneSpot, so it's not a battery, my cables are all working, and it didn't sound this bad the other day. :freak:


I have noticed that it's been getting more and more trebley as of lately. Even with the tone knob at the minimum and my tone knob on my guitar rolled back a bit it was still pretty piercing.


Anyone have any ideas on what's up with it?

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