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You guys have got to see this!

Phil O'Keefe

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Of course I could do that... :) (or edit your post to instead show a old episode of Gilligan's Island for that matter... ;) ) but OTOH, there was already a conversation going on over there, and I wanted to credit the guy that told me about it :)


But thanks for posting the YouTube here - that was very nice of you to do. :cool:

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Yeah, Beatallica is cool - so is Dread Zeppelin.

Since you mentioned it, here is the Dread Zeppelin version for those who haven't heard:


And no one's life would be complete without 101 versions of said song:


There, your life is now complete.

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Do you have to be a hardcore Zeppelin fan to appreciate this? Because I didn't think it was all that. . .

It would probably help to be a big Beatles fan, and be at least a little familiar with the Zep version of Stairway. Most of the way they're doing it musically is directly lifted from various Beatles songs / covers, but with the Zep lyrics.

I thought it was very clever... but YMMV. :)

And yes guys - good call on the "Oooohs'. :thu:

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