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a guitar question, if i may


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got a tough decision to make.

my xmas savings is only affording me 2 of the 3 guitars i wanted this year.

so i need help picking which ones.


the 3 in contention are a custom shop Nocaster, a martin of some description, or a grestch white falcon


snap shot of me and my gear

i have a KT66 loaded fender dlx reverb clone. i like to play blues, jazz, swing etc etc.

My other guitars are:

97 strat with kinman woodstocks.

94 ibanez ghostrider


my current feelings are such:

The nocaster is my favourite guitar ive ever played, but its territory is sort of covered by the strat and ghostrider (which is set up for a jazzy tone).

i will never sell the strat, but the ghostrider i could depart with.

I need something that can be played acoustically with some sonic quality. thats where the Martin comes in.

However, the white falcon can be played acoustically. Im not sure how good a jazz guitar it is though. i like the sort of tone guys like barney kessell, bill frisell and joe pass get. nice and woody. I also love the sound of a good acoustic playin jazz.


So, do i:

1)Get the nocaster and white falcon, using the white falcon as a mock acoustic when i dont wanna plug in.

2)Get a Martin and Nocaster. use what i have for jazz

3)Get a Martin and White Falcon. jazz guitar, 2 solidbodies (SSS + HH) and acoustic lineup.



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As I was first reading your post, my initial thought was your option number 1 - gotta get that nocaster - (played one the other day, very nice!) and the gretsch definitely great for plinking around on unplugged. Unless you really gig a lot with acoustic, that's the setup I would go with.

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