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Besides the RFX/Rolls MIDI Wizard are there any other MIDI controllers that...

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...allow you to MIDI map FROM the controller that aren't ginormous.


The MIDI Wizard is discontinued and hard to find (and I need one), but it's the only controller I know of that will let you map from the controller (on 3 different channels even...handy for MIDI devices like the AdrenaLinn III or Boss GT-8 that don't have internal MIDI mapping).


No...Rocktron, Digital Music Corp/Voodoo Lab, Access, Boss/Roland, etc. DON'T MIDI map...they just send program and CC messages.


Any suggestions? I can't believe more controllers don't offer this feature and the one I know of that does is discontinued. :mad:


BTW, if you know of anyone who's got a RFX MIDI Wizard for sale in mint condition that doesn't want an arm, leg and left nut for it, let me know. Thanks. :)

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