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Mighty Mite guitar necks - anyone?


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I've just picked up a Mexican Telecaster body on Ebay. It was an impulsive buy because I like electron blue and have been musing on having a Telecaster in my arsenal. There's a few MIM Teles in the Uk in the same colour but it worked out no cheaper to buy one secondhand than to make one up from parts. So a parts project is what it'll be.


I'm wanting a good neck for it. I don't like 42 mm nuts, I need something wider. I also hate 7.25" radius necks so I'm going for 9.5" minimum unless I get lucky with a Warmoth neck or something similar coming online. I'm looking at the Mighty Mite necks. Anyone bought one? How did it feel and how well was it finished in terms of fretwork?

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