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Compression and dirt, still on teh prowlz0rz


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Well, I'm back, and this time, for compression and dirt.


Here are the choices. I don't want to spend lots, so contrary to the boutiqueness of these boards, I'd really like to keep this budget. ;)





BBE Opto Stomp*

DOD Milkbox

MXR Dyna Comp

Guyatone ST-2*



Boss OD-3*

DOD Overdrive Preamp/250

MXR Distortion III*

Ibanez TS-7



The starred ones look the best to me. I'd really love a Dyna Comp, regardless of the mixed reviews, but if the ones up there are better, I'm obliged to not go for it. :/


So tell me of any experience you had with any of the above pedlas, and I'll be endebted to you forever. :D



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Sorry...forgot to mention, I'm more for the compressor before I get any dirt, as you can se in my sig, I've quite abit of dirt already. I'll be unloading a few of those though, that's why I need some more. But comp first. Thans a bunch.

PS...I think the TS7 is off the list, I'm really partial to both MXR's. And I really love the Dyna Comp, my only scare is the noise complaint. But a noise surpressor would be quite a fix me thinks.

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