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Post Pics of your Band Performing Thread!


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My former band...The Girlfriend Experience...




Halloween, 2005




Our Welcome Home show from our SWxNW tour Summer of '07 at Fat City in San Francisco












The Stork Club in Oakland



The Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco



Opening up for Agent Orange, Red Devil Lounge, San Francisco



Headlining show...Slim's, San Francisco


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that sure looks like a lot of fun:thu:

What's the name of your band?

Yes, it most certainly was. We were on the whole Warped Tour this year, so several times we got to play to crowds like that, and then other times, we played to maybe 10 people. Haha, all about timing I guess...

The band is called Amber Pacific. I'm their touring guitarist, so I'm not on their page or anything. I'm on the wiki, though, which is weird...

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thanks! which songs are you talking about? there's a P&C myspace that has songs for download. we (ella minnow) just started recording a new EP, it's a lot more like P&C, more of a spacey post rock feel.



Yes, I have tried to download the songs from myspace, but I never a download link, or the links are broken or something because everytime I click on the download button the browser just goes dead.

Is there anyway you can mail those songs to me or something?

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