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Post Pics of your Band Performing Thread!


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that's exactly what the monitor guy said. I know, I know is all I could say to respond. I'm trying to pay off a credit card first, then it's pedal board, cables, and probably a modulation effect. Trust me, I get {censored} for it all the time.

oh, and it is worth the trouble, sounds sweet!



You're probably right on sound, but I'd get tired of it night after night :thu:

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If i were to ever go see a band based solely on pictures, it would be yours.


everyone else in this thread looks boring and fat and dumb compared to your band.


extra kudos to the photographer for choosing the angle which makes it look like the singer is actually blowing the bunny during a solo.


the end.

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i've been subbing for the guitarist in a band called The Double Yellow for a few gigs recently.


can't post any of the pics because of this damned website, but here's a link to the gallery (if you click them, they get bigger but there's a "PROOF" thing written over them diagonally, and they're posted with flash player or something).

here's the link to the gallery though:



I'm playing the red Aria CS-250.

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