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Compressed sound cuts better throught the mix?


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Regarding mids, you could say adding whatever you have least of will help cut through. Since most people have a mid scoop -- even or ESPECIALLY clean players -- then that's the best thing to "boost". (try Tone stack Calculator: Fender's is flat with T=B=0, MID=10; Marshall is similar at T=B=1). Remember though "mids" is a huge range -- low mids, high mids, mid mids etc. -- mids is easily half the sound of guitar since it doesn't have deep bass or usually the highest trebles, at all.

To put that differently, whatever you have most of will be the reason you need to turn down. Turning up treble may sound good, but so does turning up volume -- and in terms of mix limitations they might be the exact same thing.

As to compression, it will make your quiet parts come through more and the loud parts less -- all else equal. If you turn down because it feels too edgy and easily gets too loud, comp will help ... If you turn down because it doesn't feel like you can control your dynamics and only cut through when you want, comp. will be worse. Etc.

I'm not sure about the CS-3 but Boss comps I have tried have a so much effect on the frequency response aspects of tone (killing highs when compressing, etc.), the effect on simple amplitude -- what the comp is SUPPOSED to do -- is almost insignificant. In other words, they shouldn't call them compressors, they should call them "reverse-sweep lowpass envelope followers".

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