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Where should a CLEAN boost go in my signal chain?


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i use a clean boost first (or an orange squeezer masquerading as a mostly-clean-yet-gritty boost) in line for a couple reasons -- first, cuz pedals downstream seem to like it more, particularly phasers. second, drive or dirt pedals tend to respond nicely to a good kick in the pants (input). my drive stuff is set to slam the amp's input, no need for a level boost after that.

it really all depends on exactly what you are trying to accomplish, generally, what exactly you wanna push the input of. think of it as a volume control; now that the option is there, where would it be good?

theres also the school of thought that running a clean boost at the beginning of the chain will lessen the tone-degradation that occurs running through several/many more pedals.

maybe its less of a school, and more of a coffee shop.

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