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teh postie just came......

Liberty Belle

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about 1.1/2's ago and delivered my full size metal muff AND after playing it for around an hour ive concluded its great and i wont be usin my sansamp anymore.


no honeymoon review here folks, i dont get wrapped up in effects...either i like em straight off the bat or not.:cop:


i played a 1966 mustang with bridge humbucker and jaguar neck single into a twin reverb while testing it.

the 3 band eq is pretty cool too,its really capable of scooping teh mids and getting lots of bass without getting muddy.the mids dont have to be scooped and it covers all range of mid freqs.

teh topboost is crap for me as i dont play much lead and when i do i use a chorus pedal on top of what ever dirt i be usin at the time. but its goo in it self and i can see people who play lead alot really enjoying it.


the distortion knob is cool,you can go from just break up to full on death metal chuga chuga mutes.it doesnt change the overall eq of the sound just the distortion level and it does it nicely,just like the demos on EHX site.


does pinch harmonics really nicely,although i dont do them i tested it out just for this review for HCFX.:wave:


it pulls off harmonics like the chorus of "teen sprit" kinda pick scratching harmonics well also. this is great as i use these alot.

the buffered bypass is excellent!

also,its quiet as a mouse!

imo it {censored}s all over the BOM!

it uses 4558 opamps.

its $89 and it could sell for $200 and still be good value.


definitely a nice pedal and its everything i hoped it would be!


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