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mi audio crunch box: a first view and review


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So I got myself a mi audio crunch box the other day because I really wanted to see how it sound and how it would work since a lot of people said it would give the medium to heavy gain marshall jcm800 sound.
At first I was a bit skeptical about this because which can actually do a good job at that? I have an old marshall guv'nor and it wasn't really cutting it well for me. It had a decent sound but not that heavy stuff.
I opened up the box, plugged it straight into a fender super reverb and turned it on and cranked the gain knob to 2'o clock.

This thing has such a meaty sound. It's almost impossible to imagine that this fender can do such a sound like that. It has LOADS of mids, I like that but some might not.
I absolutely fell in love with this pedal. I haven't tried it yet with the ampeg v-4 but i seriously hope it works magic with it as well. It would be so good.
If anyone can tell me where I can host mp3s, I'll record a bit of demoing and then post it online for people to hear a bit more. I prefer to give chords as that is for me the most important. (I'm crap at noodling anyway)
I haven't tried the tube zone yet but this pedal is really sweet, It's soon gonna become one of my main dirts. :thu::thu::thu:

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