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ElectroHarmonix 2880?

Robin Sengupta

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I've been wanting to buy a looper and I've been leaning towards the Gibson Echoplex - but then I happened to see the EHX 2880 & I've been reading about it and it looks like it could be a good buy.
Has anyone out there used one of these and/or can throw out some comparisons between the two - to help me decide which way to go?
I mainly want to use it as a live tool to help me do multiple parts so I can jam over something I've already created - and maybe do some other stuff on the fly.
I'd appreciate any input.
If there's a thread on this already - please point me in the direction - I couldn't find a 'Search' box on this page.
Loopers-Delight does not have anything but a mention of the unit.

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