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Turmoil Ring Modulator


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A pedal I have just finished building:


It's no clean ringmod. It's very nasty-sounding with a bit of crunch! I stuck in a kind of intelligent noise gate so to remove the oscillator bleed that's normally associated with transformer-based ringmods (and others). a pretty large frequency range, from almost tremolo-speed to ear-wrecking high-pitch screaming. blendb etween triangle and square osc. triangle is cleaner, while square gives it a kind of resonance. there are wet/dry controls too! you can have clean guitar signal with a bit of ringmod, or mostly ring-modulated sound with a bit of guitar for added fullness. the design was fun to doo too! two hours in photoshop while I watched a movie on the side.

here are a few dissonant samples. 4, 5 and 6 are better than the first three:
http://nearworlds.org/stuff/diy/turmoil_test1.mp3 (crappy picking)
http://nearworlds.org/stuff/diy/turmoil_test2.mp3 (crappy strumming)
http://nearworlds.org/stuff/diy/turmoil_test3.mp3 (chime-ish?)
http://nearworlds.org/stuff/diy/turmoil_test4.mp3 (fun with ebows and feedback part 1)
http://nearworlds.org/stuff/diy/turmoil_test5.mp3 (fun with ebows and feedback part 2)
http://nearworlds.org/stuff/diy/turmoil_test6.mp3 (fun with ebows and feedback part 3)

epi dot -> turmoil -> peavey c30 -> core sound binaural mics

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wow, thats what a pedal should look like, very cool. You got all the right features too, noise gate and wet/dry are very good things to have. well done.



I think all pedals should have wet/dry, especially fuzzes and other extreme pedals. I spent days tryign to figure out the wet/dry properly. even though it *should* have been simple, I was having a lot of trouble with it.

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