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Your opinions on shortening up my rig...


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Okay so here's the deal...


On tuesday, my rig'll be complete. 13 or so pedals. So I want to shorten it up a bit. Here is what I'm thinking, these are all my pedals:

CE-5 Chorus

Phase 100

Digitech Screamin Blues

Boss BD-2

Boss DS-1

Boss MD-2

Boss AW-3

DOD Octave

EHX Sovtek Big Muff


Coming on tuesday:

MXR Dyna Comp

MXR Micro Amp

FEnder PT-100

Ibanez DE-7


So the stuff on tuesday is deffinately there. The chorus is staying. The BD-2 and Big Muff are staying, as is the Wah.


My thoughts are this:

Phase-I never really use it, maybe two songs. It's old, and doesn't have true bypass. I was going to take it off my board and put it back if I ever need it.


Boss MD-2 Mega Distortion-Pretty high gain for me. I can't seem to find 'my sound' with it. It's nice, but not me.


Digitech Screamin' Blues-Pretty great, I use it for really light crunch, pretty much just a clean boost...I'm thinking my Micro Amp can do that, and if it can, this baby is gone too.


DOD Octoplus- I really love this pedla nd would hate for it to leave my board, so I doubt it will, but it is a tone sucker...


So, those 4 I have to play around with...what dya think??

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