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Small tube amp, new guitar, or Holy Grail Reverb


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So...I just got my Christmas present in an envelope....


And I was wondering what to buy for it.


Now it's either to buy a Valve Junior,




wait for a Blackheart,




or one of these in Alpine White:




Or maybe an EHX Holy Grail for crazy reverb....which I don't have.


Has anyone tried one of these, by the way? It would be between this and the Big Box grail.



Anyway, what to get?

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What amp are you playing through now?



I've been using a Behringer GM-110 with an Eminence Ramrod in it for the past few years. It's a great little amp, and it sounds very "tube" for a solid state modeler.


I wouldn't get rid of it. The amp would be just to do something different

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