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noise gate/suppressor: which one to get?


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I need a noise gate. This became painfully obvious after the last show I played when I couldn't get more than 3 feet away from my amp and I wouldn't stop feeding back. So I says to myself, which is the best noise gate I can get.


Options: Isp decimator, Boss NS-2, MXR smart gate, rocktron HUSH.


I would like to buy a gate used, because I'm cheap and I buy almost all of my gear used on principal.


Also right now I'm leaning towards the MXR, I can't tell you why because I don't know myself.


Anyway, I figured "why not put it to the talented bunch over at HC fx, they seem to know a lot about pedals and stay on topic mostly? Also, I've heard they're a very handsome bunch."


So what say you?

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