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Henry Kaisers "Sloppy Fuzz Comparison"

zachary vex

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Henry Kaiser sent me this comparison of fuzzes, where he ultimately selected his favorite 2 big-muff-pi-styled fuzzes (the non-BMP pedals were excluded from the contest for this, but included for audio comparison.)


Here is his email, picture, and link to the audio. His voice is very quiet compared to the guitar because he's talking through the amp's mic, so be careful.


Henry Kaiser's email:




just for fun today

I am comparing fuzzes




mostly Muff style fuzzes see settings in photo low res MP3 attached



1 Dice Works Muff Diver regular mode

2 Dice Works Muff Diver Cornish mod mode

3 Sustain Punch Creamy Dreamer

4 Euthymia ICBM Fuzz

5 MG Muff Feliz

6 Voodoo Lab Super Fuzz (the big loser here, I think)

7 Cornish P2 Fuzz

8 Cornish PCMA Fuzz (not a Muff type fuzz)

9 Dice Works Burns Buzzaround Clone (not a Muff type fuzz)

10 ZVex Box of Metal (not a Muff type fuzz)

11 Way Huge Swollen Pickle

12 Frantone The Sweet (another loser here, for me)

13 ENCORE: Sustain Punch Creamy Dreamer

14 ENCORE: Dice Works Muff Diver Cornish mod mode


neck single coil pickup Soloway guitar treble rolled off into clean K&M amp into JBL Speaker



































































The very last thing he says before playing the last fuzz is very difficult to hear. It's "Muff Diver from Dice Works again."

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