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best way to hook up pedals


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I have a few pedals that I hook in series. In another thread, it was said that it might be better to hook pedals up via switching stations, etc. I guess I've avoided doing this to cut down on the length of cable between effects.


I often change the order of my effects. Sometimes, I'll have pedal "x" plugged to pedal "y", with just a few inches of cable in between the pedals. If I put them in a pedal board/ rack configuration, I will, at times, have far more distance (cable, switch) between them.


would putting the pedals in a board/rack have advantages that outweigh the increased cable length (as far as tone/noise is concerned)?


convenience is a distant second in terms of reasons to do this. I'd rather get the best sound out of what I have, even if it means having things be a little less convenient.

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