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DD-20 and effects loops and that


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Hi guys, apparently DD-20 owners thread doesn't exist anymore, but I guess quite a few of you have DD-20s as theyre talked about a lot. I really f***ing love mine, to begin with, but I have a couple of bits that I need a little bit of help with...


I have recently purchased the first amp that I have ever wanted to use the OD channel of rather than stompboxes (its a mesa express 5:50 2x12 and its THE BALLS), but I like my delays, as in can't live without them, so for the first time ever I'm gona use an effects loop. Now the express, for all its loveliness, is preset to the rackmount fx loop output, if you get me? there isn't a +4/-20db switch (though I forget which is for stompers and which is for rackmounts), its just set to the rackmount level. So how do I set the DD-20 to work with it? I know there are a few modes that it can simulate, but I wanted to be sure before I started plugging my two favourite pieces of equipment together in a new way!


Also, will the dd-20 in the correct mode compensate for any other stompers I put thru the fx loop? I'm gonna have :


korg Dt10 - MXR phase90 (r28) - EHX small clone - empress tremolo -DD20


thru the loop, will any of those react badly to a mismatched input?


Finally, I want a second delay to make noises with (as you can't do the pitch-shift thing with the DD-20, its only downfall) and use with the SOS feature, and my eyes were drawn to a boss PS-3 as it has a bit more versatility with the pitch shifter, but can a pitch shifter be used in an effects loop? That might be an obvious question, so sorry in advance!


Thanks for your time!

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