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Hello people - I used to be Geckomecca...

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Hey all!!


For what it's worth, I have been a consistant "lurker" for many years. I used to go by "geckomecca" until the crash a year or so ago when stuff on the forum was "lost".


Anyway, I just want to thank all of you for the wealth of info that has been shared and continues to be shared in this musically oriented society.


To get to the point, all of you have contributed one way or another to helping me find my tone. I think it only appropriate I share my set up with you so it may help others complete or get close to their final destination in the never ending search for tone. I feel that, with the help of all of you, my particular search is over. Many years and many dollars later, here is what I have and here is what I truly feel I will be satisfied with for many, many years to come. Yes it was expensive, and I realize I am fortunate to have such gear - especially given my limited talent.


My final holy grail of tone is:


Gibson Double Cut Les Paul - TV Yellow (for mojo) loaded w/ P-90's

into a Korg DT 10 (tuner) into a Keeley TS-9, into a MJM Foxey Fuzz, into a Digitech Digidelay into a '59 Fender Bassman R.I.


What does this mean for you....probably not a whole lot. BUT, maybe it could be a benchmark for some folks here who are looking to experiment with gear that can handle clean to dirty blues to fuzzed out 60's/70's tone.


I thank you all again for the great discussions and information I have gained from this (and other) forums here.


Good luck to everyone in the search for their own signature tone. It can be found here.


Keep Rockin'



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