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OT, The Official Slint Appreciation Thread.

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Being of the age and living in part of the country that I remember this record coming out, I am always surprised that it has ended up being that widely known. I never saw Slint, but I saw some of the other groups these guys were tied into and bunches of other Touch & Go bands from that time period.

The weird thing is that Spiderland was kind of pieced together as the band was kind of breaking up. From what I always heard, they started recording hoping to find a vocalist and just kind of finished it with what they could. It worked, but by the time people heard the record they were long gone.

If you dig Slint, you should look up a band called Engine Kid's record called "Angel Wings". They were from Seattle and this from a couple of years later in the early 90s. Engine Kid got tagged on for being "Slint-like" but they freaking rocked and if you like Spiderland, you might dig it. Engine Kid will do some of the low dynamic and spidery guitar sounds like Slint then will shift gears into some very heavy parts. They were about the mid point between Slint and The Melvins and were great the one time I got to see them play live (which coincidentally was in Louisville).

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