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Bass rig, effects, and EQ


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I have gotten enough information about the foodchain of hooking my gear up, but i'm not finding the right answer as to setting/understanding compressors, and setting/understanding graphic, and parametric EQ's. You have any leads? I have a Carvin BX1200, and a dbx 266xl, with Sennheiser wireless, and Korg rackmount tuner.

I'm going to change my foodchain to Wireless into Amp, and put the compressor in the effects loop, and tuner out of amp directly to tuner....

I'm basically trying to even out my sound with the compressor, not squash it, and with the EQ, i'm trying to learn (When i have a C note going crazy, or E or whatever, what frequency do i adjust.) I've looked online, and only found frequencies=notes based on piano, but not bass....

Tell me what you got, or where to go to get it.

Thanks for your assistance!




Chris Pruet

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