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Super Fuzz vs. Big Muff

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While these pedals aim at different sounds they are both in competition for a slot on my pedal board. Ok the reality is i don't have pedal board but I am working on it. So yesterday I persuaded a Local music shop to let me compare the two. This is my take.


Voodoo Labs Super Fuzz - This is a warm fuzzy pedal, its compact and has a sturdy feel too it. 4 knobs of tweakability. Pretty sticky fuzz with lots of eq options. Can get a nice scooped fuzz or it can get very midrangey. Gets pretty nasty when coupled with overdrive. I thought it needed more gain and a little more sustain but overall a very tweakable pedal. Also the notes rang out pretty clear even with the gain jacked. Almost double the cost of the BM is a drawback.




Big Muff

Everybody has heard it so no need for an explanation. Great sustain and a lot more fuzz than the SF. Not as warm or as tweakable but an all out in your face fuzz pedal. Good price too.


Still haven't decided which one to get but they are both very nice pedals.



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