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Buying a Board by Pedal Colour


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if you had to build a board by colour of the pedal what would you choose and what would be on your ideal pedalboard?


I choose green.


Boss PH-1r

Line6 DL-4

Carl Martin Surf Trem

Ibanez TS-9

Zvex Fuzz Factory

Way Huge Swollen Pickle

.. er.. and a green reverb pedal.. :poke::confused:

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HBE Medicine Bawl

Xotic BB Special Edition

MI Audio Tube Zone

Red Witch Moon Phaser

Red Witch Empress

Chrome Delay?

ISP Decimator

Ive thought that out so much lately.......

chrome would be good.. the glare might get a bit much on stage though. plus there's virtually no vintage old pedals in chrome, they are mostly 2000's onwards with blue leds.. :)

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