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Need help for possibly rewiring a pedal....

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Well, I got my MXR Dist+ off ebay a few months ago (its one of the 80s versions not the new 'Jim Dunlop' models). I knew the risks of it being a bit faulty, but being the massive Husker Du fan that I am and the pedal going at a great price, I just had to get it. It worked fine for the first while....then the sound started to get a bit thin...I didnt really worry, I thought 'well its an old pedal' amd it worked 99% of the time. Until about a week ago it stopped working completely, and when I play with the amp with the pedal still plugged in, there is some bad 'tone suck'. I checked to see if my cables were the culrit-but they were not. I'm suspecting its a problem with the wiring. Now, I'm no expert when it comes to pedals, but I was wondering if anyone could give me some help regarding the wires, where they should be etc.?

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