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OT: The Wire series finale


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Anybody watch the sereis finale of the Wire? What an amazing ending to the best show on TV!


Everything comes full circle.























MY favorite parts:


1. Cheese gets one to the side of the head. Method Man is a HORRIBLE actor and stood out in the wire like Rodney James Dio in Fall Out Boy. He was clueless on how to talk and act like he was from Baltimore and was a token celeb on the cast. His character was as {censored}ty as he was.


2. McNulty confronts Templeton. "Are you serious?" "No. I'm a {censored}ing joke and so are you. Get the {censored} out of here!" DAMN!


3. Levy thanks his new investigator for what he did for him. Levy figured out that it was his guy that leaked Marlo's cell # and got the BPD started on the illegal wire tap. That in turn made money for Levy by getting Marlo indicted then made him MORE money b/c the illegal wire tap made the case fall apart. Since his source in the state's atty office is gone this is his new cash cow. "We're having brisket. You're mshnuka now."


Notice how in the end everything came full circle?


Dookie became the new Bubbles. Griggs became the new McNulty. Valchek becomes the new Burrell. Noreese becomes the new Carcetti. Michael becomes the new Omar. Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.


I also must mention the AMAZING cinematography. The ending part w/ McNulty staring out and they flash all through Baltimore was moving. They even showed George Washington and his donkey dick. When driving down 83 in Baltimore you can see the Washington Monument and it appears that George is holding his dick and pissing on Baltimore. The angle they showed in the Wire made it look like he was hung like Ron Jeremy.

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So me and Pepper are the only two that watched this? Come on let's here it ppl!

I find it funny that The Sopranos got all the hype and disappointed all their fans w/ the last season. The only complaint from fans of the wire was that it ended.

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