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Looking for a dedicated rack-mount multiFX.


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Hi forum. :) I'm done with pedals for the time being. Everything else in my set up is rack-mount, so I might as well invest in a decent rack processor.


I was thinking about selling most of my pedals (I'll keep my wah and compressor) but I'm wondering which way I should turn for a unit. I've been checking out the TC G-Sharp (it's an ideal price for me) but I'm curious of my other options too.


Right now what I'm looking for is a few reverbs, a spacious delay, a long delay, a reverse delay (all preferably with tap tempo), a nice warm-sounding phaser (think Small Stone), a lush chorus, a subtle chorus, a half-decent flange (I'm not a huge fan of them, so if it's not all that great, it doesn't matter), and some pitch shifting if at all possible.


I'm looking to stay within the $250-$300 range on eBay.



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