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Win a FREE Wattson SuperFuzz!!!!


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Okay, i know its kinda dumb to make a second thread, but i feel like people arent really paying attention to the massive Wattson thread. i understand why, it keeps popping up and its just always around.


but anyway, i just want to give everyone FAIR WARNING that the contest for the FREE Wattson Superfuzz is going to be ending in 9 days, at midnight on the 21st of March.



Here's how it works.

You compose a short essay (500 words or less) telling us why you need a classic fuzz pedal. You don't have to tell us why you need OUR classic fuzz pedal. Heck, you haven't even played our fuzz pedal yet! Just tell us why you need ANY classic fuzz pedal. You have an urge to sound like Jimi or Pete? Fine! You got a great vintage axe that deserves a great vintage effects tone? Cool! Your pedal board is as bare as Mother Hubbard's cupboard? No problem! Just put it in writing, and send it to us.

The email address for contest entries is

We'll pick the ten best submissions and we'll publish them on this site. After that, our readers will vote for the one (and ONLY one) which deserves to get the free pedal.

Your submission MUST be received by midnight (Pacific time) on March 21st, 2008. We will post the submissions from the ten finalists on our forum, where the vote will be conducted.

What's the catch?

In return for getting a free Wattson Classic SuperFuzz, we want you to try out the pedal and write a review of it. Doesn't matter if you love it or hate it. Good or bad, we'll publish your review.

You can also include a video clip review, if you like. We'll host that here, as well. But, we need the written review, too.

So, get busy! Write your essay!



so get your submissions in! they will be voted on by your peers, so the best essay wins!


the votes will be done on our forum, so signing up there wouldnt be a bad idea either! just go to wattson-fx.com and click on the "community" link on the right side!

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I'm more of an art guy then a word guy, can I give you a pictorial reason why you should give me this wedge of awesome?

Sure. That would count as "500 words or less"! :lol:

BTW, echo left out a minor point - those pics were taken when we first got the chassis from the sheet metal shop, and we slapped it together with chrome slotted screws (was all we had on hand). The pedal will actually have black oxide philips screws, so it won't look quite so much like a black '58 Bel-Air. On the other hand, if yer really into chrome...

Also, this baby is 16 gauge steel. Does that make a difference? Well, the original Shin-ei/Univox (with 20 gauge steel) weighs about 1lb 1oz, and the Wattson weighs 1lb 10oz. I sure wouldn't want one of these thrown at MY Ampeg bass cab! (...inside joke...)

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I sure wouldn't want one of these thrown at
Ampeg bass cab! (...inside joke...)

:lol: man, those were the days.

for those not in the know, all you need to know is that this particular story involves a boss acoustic sim pedal and an ampeg 8x10. haha.

surgeon is right, the pedal will have matching screws so it will look nice and clean. and this pedal is significantly tougher than the original one, if that means anything to you.

get those submissions in!!!

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im going to be away for all of spring break, is this an issue?

You don't have to be "present" to win. We'll notify the winner by email, but you'll probably be able to figure it out on your own based on the forum votes. The winner can then contact us with their mailing info. There's no time limit to get back to us with that info, but we'll probably gig with your pedal in the meantime. :thu:

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