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Vintage? and I need some decision help.

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Im about to head out to pick up an 80's Roland JC-120 combo amp. From the pics, it looks prestine.


Is 80's considered vintage? Would this cause the amp to be worth a couple extra bucks?


Immediately, when I saw the ad for it, my first impression was to flip it. Figure I could give someone a decent deal, and still make $100-150 off of it. Then I started thinking....bad thing. I owned a JC-77 a few months ago, but had to sell it to free up some cheddar. I LOVEDLOVEDLOVED that amp. It was the ultimate clean bedroom machine. When I sold it, I vowed that my next major guitar-related purchase would be a JC-120.




Im moving into an apartment soon. From what Ive read, people have a hard time not {censored}ting themselves when in the room with a JC-120 on 4-volume.



Im buying the amp no matter what, but I cant decide what to do. :confused::confused:


If I sold/traded it, Id be able to get something a little cheaper (Bandit?/JC-77/90?), and free up some extra $$ to pick up an RV-3.




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Picked it up last night.


If I keep it, Ill never need another amp again. Disgustingly loud. Sounds so gorgeous. MMM.


Including gas, food and tolls, the grand total for the trip:

$335. That counts the Jaycey.


The guy said it was purchased when these things were first being produced in the early 80's. The plastic ROLAND badge on the front is missing some white paint, and there is a hard to notice stain on the grill, but aside from that, it may as well be new.


Made In Japan btw. And it came with the manual. Has metal chorus/vibe switch, unlike the mew ones that have a push-button. Same with the power button. The power switch also has 2 ON settings for different polarities to find the more quiet option (according to the 1865 manual).


To top it off, I got to test it out with a brand new Telecaster. I had never played one before. If I didnt have such a hard-on for LPs, Id own a Tele.



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