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Colorsound Overdriver Appreciation Thread

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I had this one up at TGP.



I don't care if you have an original Colorsound Overdriver/Power Boost, or one of the more recent clones such as the Pro Analog Power Driver, Throbak Overdrive Boost, Prescription Electronics Rx Overdriver, or any others I have not mentioned. Anyone who loves that combination of punchy, amplike overdrive tone mixed with a warm, fuzzy, silicon texture. Let's give credit where credit is due. Please submit any sound clip links you know of, or any you recorded yourself. The more the better. I myself own a Throbak OD/Boost and it's the best-sounding, most-enjoyable pedal I've ever had, period.



Side note---I got the news a bit late, but I just found out about Jeff Healey passing away from cancer on March 2. It deeply saddens me to hear that. He was one of the best ever and I will miss him very much. Amazing live performer!


Now lets hear that Overdriver appreciation, people!!

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