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Classic Rockers: Name 5 Pedals

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I'm between bands right now (With the last band I joined, we had two practices, played a fantastic first gig together, and right after we finished our last set, the lead singer dropped dead of a heart attack). But this is my must-have setup as follows:

'88 Fender Strat Plus w/ gold Lace Sensors and Dean Evo SS w/ Dimarzio's
(soon to be Duncan Seth
Lover p/u's)
into: 1. Voodoo Lab Microvibe
2. Beano Boost NKT
3. Throbak Fuzz Haze
4. Fulltone OCD ver.4
5. Throbak Overdrive Boost (Could do the whole gig with this pedal)

Alternates: 1. Voodoo Lab Proctavia
2. '78 MXR Distortion + (special occasions?)

into: Carvin MTS 2x12 combo or Fender Hot Rod Deluxe (soon to be Custom
Vibrolux 2x10 combo)

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I'm listening to clips of this right now and it sounds fantastic! Do you use this before any of your dirt pedals or at the end of your chain for a nice dirty boost?



I prefer it at the end of the chain. Killer as either a clean or dirty boost, but I like to use it for either a silicon fuzz face-type Doyle Bramhall ll tone or as an attenuator (with a little dirt) for the amp (it really works this way) so I can dime the amp volume. Also like to use it for the basic '70's Jeff Beck tone. Check out both of these clips: On Carlygtr's music page on the Soundclick site- Scroll through the songs until you get to the "Led Boots" cover. Also, there is a clip for the Prescription Electronics Rx Overdriver on the Musictoyz website that sounds very similar to how mine can sound.

The OD/Boost is pretty much the greatest pedal I've ever had, period.

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