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Why do my George L's always crap out on me!


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I've used a few different cables over the years. Those cheapo rainbow colour ones, which are pretty low profile and decent but not customizable. Then I had a couple George L's, one which crapped out at the wrong moment, which were replaced by high quality neutrik right angles which I soldered up myself, which are great but take up some room.


I gave these switchcraft ones a shot, and as far as I can tell they're as compact as George L's as far as how far they stick out, and easy to make. You don't actually have to solder the ground wire you can just cut the wire sleeve back further and push the woven ground wire back so the two pieces clamp down on it and just solder the middle wire. I wired my board up with these and it sounds just as clean and noiseless as the neutriks, but saved me a lot of space and they look better too.


Just a suggestion.

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