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Tell me more. I've been spending some time on their website lately. I love the clips on most of their pedals. I think the Echobox, Liquid Sunshine and the Stupid Box (love that name) will be mine soon. I like the Quasar a lot too. Even the flying tomato was cool, and Im kinda not in a fuzz mood lately (unless it's really good muff).


So who has these pedals, tell me more. Although the Echobox isn't cheap, I like it's simplicity a lot, and compared to my SMMh, I think I would use this delay more. The 800ms is just enough for me too, and the added modulation is great. The Liquid sunshine could replace my TS-9, and I think I would have a lot more use for the Stpid Box than I do my Skreddy Screwdriver, which I just can't figure out what to do with. Thoughts on my replacing these pedals with the Subdecay ones?

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