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Killswitch/60hz Hum/Feedback switches.


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The killswitch is a pretty common mod, but have any of you done 3 switches ala the teuffel Tesla/david torn type setup?


I'm thinking of adding switches to my (already modded) steinberger.


Not sure how usefull the 60hz hum would be unless you get the 'touching the tip of the cable' type sound by touching the strings.


The feedback seems like it could be very useful though. From what I've read it's just a cheap microphone capsule in the guitar. I'm wondering if it has to 'see' air or if having it closed in the guts of the guitar would yield only 1 feedback pitch (the cavity's pitch).


Any other neat in-guitar mods? Switches, effects, tiny electronic instruments?


(as a reference my steinberger has a sustainer, and some passive seymour duncans (JB and quarter pounder))

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