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Stereo Amp time.. Built myself a 2x12 Speaker Cab!!


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Soo.. i had this pair of 12" speakers that my C50 came with just sitting in a box.. My brother had an Epiphone Valve Jr. that was sitting the closet with out any speakers to hook up too..


Speakers+Amp+wood+3 hours = Mini Halfstack :thu:


I went out and spent about $20 on wood and made myself a 2x12 slant cab!! It was a fun little project, its a *little* rough around the edges, but I'm more than happy with it!! Now i all i have to do is find some black vinyl covering of some sort and i'll be all set to go..


I was thinking about running this as second amp to my C50 for a stereo setup.. The only question i had though was that my Delay is in the Fx loop of my C50, can i use the direct out on the delay even though its in the Fx loop? Or do i have to split the signal pre-amp?


Here are pics..









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Well, since no one seems to care... I'll post about it anyways :thu:


This setup sounds awesome!! I think its best when the Vjr is a little bit quieter than my C50, that way its more of a filler sound rather than trying to compete with the C50..


The Delay sounds just nutty, its major ping ponging back and forth and its just sweet!!


I'd have to say my Tr2 sounds damn good going through both amps, stereo tremolo rocks!!


That is all for now.

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