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Effects chain help


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Long time reader, first time poster.


Decided to ditch my old multi-effects pedal in favor of a few new individual stompboxes, since I stopped using all but a few of the effects on it anyway. Now I'm wondering what might be the best order for my chain. Here are the pedals in the order I am thinking I want to put them in:


Guitar - 1979 Gibson ES-335 >


Vox Wah >

Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer >

BBE Free Fuzz (just purchased today) >

Behringer VP1 Vintage Phaser (I know its a Behringer, but this actually sounds pretty good I think) >

George Dennis GD-220 Tremolo (just purchased today) >

Boss RV-3 Reverb/Delay (recently purchased, love this pedal) >

Boss RC-20 Loop Station >


Amp - Fender Deville 2X12 - Reissue (Tweed)



Any suggestions on changes?

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Great. Thanks for the suggestions.


Think I'm going to keep the TS9 in front of the Free Fuzz for now. I read that the Free Fuzz sounds a little better with overdrive just in front of it. But I'll definitely try moving the phaser in front of the TS9 and the fuzz.


So it will be: Vox Wah > Behringer Vintage Phaser > TubeScreamer > BBE Free Fuzz > George Miller Tremolo > Boss Reverb/Delay > Boss Loop Station


Thanks for the help! Can't wait to hear how this sounds once I receive those new pedals.

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